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Bringing Style, Comfort, Quality and Durability to Your Home

Verosol is the world’s market leader in total solar screen solutions. With all-time performance, excellent quality and exclusive aesthetics we create your ultimate comfort zone. Verosol is continuously innovating to beat the heat and fight the light. We transform buildings into natural, healthy places where people feel free, live fully and perform in the best possible way ever.

Verosol invented the reflective metallised fabric, and were the first to place them inside. We decline cooling and energy use significantly by creating the ultimate freedom to design facades all just by adding an ultra thin layer of aluminium. Verosol keep on improving and pushing the limits to offer you the best integrated service and support and to meet todays energy challenges, because the world is changing rapidly and so is our climate. DOWNLOAD THE BROCHURE

Expand your comfort zone!

Verosol Pleated Blinds

European Design. Pleated Blinds are the ideal solution for heat and light control, privacy and versatility.


With minimal light gaps, Pleated Blinds effectively reduce glare, giving you a comfortable living and working environment.

Combine Verosol’s Pleated Blinds with our metallised fabrics for superior UV and heat protection, keeping your home cool in summer and warm in winter. The Originals Fabric Collection offers a vibrant palette of 36 colours.

VeroCell Pleated Blinds

Installation & energy efficiency. VeroCell Blinds give you full control of your desired privacy level…


The unique honeycomb structure of VeroCell Pleated Blinds provides effective insulation for windows, keeping your home cool in summer and warm in winter. The cellular design traps air in the cells, creating an effective temperature transfer barrier between the window and the inside room, resulting in a comfortable indoor climate.

As well as energy savings, VeroCell Blinds are also ideal for heat and light control. The metallised backing protects furniture from harmful UV rays and eliminates glare, whilst

Verosol Roller Blinds

The perfect view. Sleek design, heat and light control with functionally and smooth operation.


Verosol Roller Blinds are not only designed to control heat and light entering your home, they have been designed to enhance the ambience of any room, adding a sleek, minimalistic look. Enjoy an uninterrupted view through to the outside with Verosol’s metallised or Sheer fabrics.

With the wide range of fabric options available for Roller Blinds including decorative and solar control fabrics, you can tailor the look of your blinds to suit any interior space.

Verosol Roman Blinds

Superior quality and instant style. Extensive range of decorative fabrics for a timeless & elegant appearance.


Whether you are looking to create a classic or contemporary look, Roman Blinds are a perfect solution. They provide the soft appeal of a curtain with the simplicity of a blind.

Verosol Roman Blinds are easy to operate, with the choice of the Cascade chain control or Mode motorised. With its clean lines, the Roman Blind provides a sleek and modern appearance with a large range of fabric options available.

Panel Glides

Slide with style. Combining the elegance of curtains with the functionality of blinds which are extremely easy and smooth to operate.


A wide range of fabric options is suitable for use with Panel Glides, including decorative fabrics and several of Verosol’s metallised collections. Metallised fabrics provide excellent heat and UV protection, keeping your home cool in summer and warm in winter.

Have complete control of your privacy and the amount of light entering the room, by selecting from a range of Transparent or Blockout fabrics. The fabric panels overlap to eliminate light gaps.

Verosol Shutters

Beauty and elegance. Verosol Shutters are highly durable and provide timeless style. Available in Hardwood, Aluminium or Polyresin.


Made from 100% sustainably sourced timber. Painted Shutters are made from Poplar, an even-grained timber, with a fine texture and flawless finish. Stained Shutters are made from premium hand selected basswood, selected for its even grain and light colour.


Constructed with beauty, durability and versatility in mind. They allow you to combine indoor and outdoor living with shutters that are built to last through all weather conditions. Compared to many lower quality alumunium shutters on the market, the 1.4mm marine-grade aluminium alloy offers unsurpassed strength and resistance to rain and sun.


Constructed with a high strength polymer resin with aluminium inserted re-inforcements. These shutters are a cost effective PVC alternative to timber products whilst retaining the timeless look and feel of shutters.

External Blinds

Simple shading solutions.Verosol External Blinds provide seamless integration of indoor and outdoor entertaining areas.


Not only do external blinds ensure privacy and comfort, they’re ideal for enclosing alfresco areas, outdoor patios and balconies, whilst offering protection from the elements.

One solution for shading and screening, this all-in-one incredibly versatile product, fits most standard and oversized applications. So practical, they can supply full ventilation, shade from the sun, protection from weather, pests, and enhance privacy at the touch of a button.

Solar Control Solutions

Light Control & View Through. Experience superior heat and UV protection without losing the stunning views and enjoy considerable energy savings.


Verosol is the global industry leader when it comes to sun protection at the window.

Verosol is the inventor of the metallisation process with over 50 years of knowledge and experience in developing the best solar control solutions – providing ultimate comfort without compromising the beautiful views outside.


COMPLETE CONTROL – Experience greater convenience and luxury in your home with Verosol’s motorisation options for your blinds. Motorisation makes operating your blinds easy, eliminating any cords or chains. Have complete control of the light in a room with the touch of a button.

Motorisation is ideal for large or hard to reach windows. Verosol offers the latest technology in blind motorisation, with different options available to suit your home and lifestyle.

HOME AUTOMATION SYSTEMS – Verosol offers a large range of motorisation and control solutions using the latest technology compatible with home automation and building management systems.

WALL SWITCH RANGE – Wall switches are practical for controlling the opening and closing of blinds. With a wireless option and a range of colours available, the wall switch is easy to install and will match any interior.

REMOTE CONTROL RANGE – A range of remote control options provides easy programming, allowing you to manage individual blinds or a group of blinds simultaneously.

SUN SENSORS – Automate the raising and lowering of your blinds according to the amount of sunlight in a room with a wireless sun sensor, easily mounted onto the inside of your window or window sill.

CHILD SAFETY – Cords and chains on blinds can be a hazard to children. Child safety is very important to Verosol, and that’s why all Verosol blinds are installed with a child safety device. However with motorisation, you can have complete peace of mind when it comes to your child’s safety, as it eliminates the need for any cords or chains.

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